"Walking together, talking together is creating our Future"

Judy Atkinson

Verbind met Elkaar

Learnings along the way

How do we become the coaches and facilitators networks need and help them thrive?

Together with the families, children and my colleagues I am learning how we can be the coaches the networks need us so they can grow and hold on.

Kevin Campbell (Family Finding) talks about hwo we need to catalyze, convene and facilitate. In Signs of Safety we help the network to create a safetyplan.

In my work with families I recognised 5 phases that can guide us trough this process and helps us to take take different roles and positions along the process.

  1. Seeing Network
  2. Engage and inform the network. When we take the time to explain to importance of connections and the influence on resilience, families can start to fill Hope and build resilience together. It helps them to hold on, alos in times when it becomes very messy.
  3. Help the network to organise themselves; help them to work together as a team: who can be the support-persons for parents, children .... How can they easily communicate with each other? ...
  4. Share knowledge with the network they need to have to fulfill their engagment, to keep on talking and listening to each other and to thrive.
  5. Coach the Network
  6. Handing over full responsibility to the Network

Working trough those phases and being aware of the process helps us to know where we are and what our role is.