"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music"

—Aldous Huxley

Verbind met Jezelf


How and why I began with Soundwork

This is a very personal part of my journey and a part I'm still exploring and learning in. Not knowing where it'll lead me ...

My grandmother used to tell me that I sang before I could talk. As a little, restless child, the voice and singing was my main way of expression. I wanted to become a singer songwriter and to become a professional musician/performer. I studied classical music and released 8 solo albums ( www.antonwalgrave.com ), had a record company and a recording studio.

But, as an artist, I always struggled with the balance between music as a personal expression and the music industry. I never really felt at ease with the idea of being an artist on stage and having an audience that's politely listening and doing all the expected rituals of clapping and cheering. Something didn't feel right.

Then one day, after a long meditation, I just started to make vocal sounds. Like a voice emerging from within. I wasn't trying to "sing" or looking for beautiful melodies and clever structures but just allowed the sound to happen through me, listening to my inner voice and translating it into vocal sounds. For me, that felt like coming home and I connected to why I started singing and using my voice in the first place ... the comforting feeling of the energy of sound ...

Rather than the form of a beautiful song or melody, which is by definition subjective, I found that the real power and healing capacities of music lie underneath, in the pure, raw energy of sound. The dynamics of vibrations interacting with each other. The part of music ( cultural ) called sound ( Nature/physics ), as a shared energy field between doer and receiver. An energy that's e-motional ( energy in motion ).

An exploration started. And I am learning more and more about the healing qualities of music and the powerful energy that emerges from it.

Sound sessions

Usually every 3th thursday of each month. In the sound sessions I invite you to meditate in the hall while I create sounds, open to whatever comes to me.

After the session there's time for tea and talk in the meeting room downstairs.

The price is 5 EUR and places are limited, so please register here.

Here you can find the dates.